100 Years
Of Innovation

For more than 100 years, Conex Bänninger has been the recognised leader in plumbing fittings, accessories and valves globally – offering a range of innovative and highly versatile jointing solutions.

Every >B< Press fitting is backed by rigorous testing to ensure you get the best press join possible. Watch it here.

Discover the >B< Press Difference

Conex Banninger, Reece and Rothenberger worked together to design a total press system where the tool, jaws and fittings work as one system.

Key Features

  • Flame free

    Flame free installation takes away risk of fire on site.

  • Reliable simplicity

    Simple, quick and reliable installation provides low installed cost.

  • Fully certified

    Extensive third party certification offers peace of mind to the client, specifier and installer.

  • Site access

    Easy access to work sites, no gas bottles required.

  • Slimline profile

    Slimline, unobtrusive design provides aesthetic finish.

  • Permanent joint

    Secure, permanent joint crimped both sides of deep set O-ring ensures fitting cannot be tampered with.

  • Practical by design

    Lead-in edge aids installation and helps protect O-ring from damage or displacement.

  • Higher productivity

    Work may be completed during working hours / public access, by a single employee.

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B Press

Press XL

B Press XL


B MaxiPro

>B< Press
Stainless Steel

>B< Press Stainless Steel
3 point press

3 Point Press

The >B< profile has the advantage of a 3 Point Press, two mechanical presses either side of the bead and one hydraulic press crimping the o-ring.

>B< Profile 3 point press ensures a leak free, secure and permanent joint.

The leading edge design ensures that the pipe is parallel to the fitting before contact with the o-ring greatly reducing the chance of damaging the o-ring during assembly.

Case Studies

See how Conex Bänninger is being used in Australia through various projects, case studies and testimonials.

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"Newbuild Developments requires a streamline professional look to every part of their build. As their plumbers, we have taken on B-Press to achieve that professional..."

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